The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners known as “EBNMP” was established in 1998 in Ontario, Canada to satisfy the demand for a registry for TraditionalNatural Health Practitioners. In 2003, the organization was re-named the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners-North America “EBNMP-NA,” remaining a corporation constituted under the laws of Ontario. In July 2006, the organization re-registered federally as a non-profit corporation in Canada as the Natural Medicine Certification Counsel and work in collaboration with its USA sister organization known as the Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners-North America.

It is the belief of BNMDP-NA and NMCC that the resurgence of interest in natural medicine should and will encounter close scrutiny from individuals within and outside the profession of  Traditional Natural Medicine. Because of the incomplete regulation of Traditional Natural Medicine in North America. The activities of a number of untrained individuals have denigrated the reputation of Traditional Natural Medicine Practitioners generally. In such a situation, the public, for the most part, has no way of differentiating between qualified and unqualified TraditionalNatural Medicine Practitioners. BNMDP-NA/NMCC strives to instill the importance of professionalism, a high level of ethics, research and educational standards to safeguard the public interest while satisfying the growing need for a broadly based health care system. BNMDP-NA/NMCC believes that if Traditional Natural Medicine Practitioners do not show leadership by establishing and maintaining standards for the profession, others will set standards that may not accord with the basic philosophy and training of traditional Natural Medicine Practitioners.

Potential registrants must demonstrate that they have attained specific standards of competency to assure the public that they have met the educational, ethical and upgrading standards of the certifying body to which they are accountable. BNMDP-NA/NMCC does not represent any one particular Natural Health Profession exclusively; its membership is multidisciplinary, consisting of Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, Dentists, Naturally Oriented Medical Doctors (MD), Chiropractors, Orthomolecular Medical Doctors (OMD), Eastern Medicine Doctors and other practitioners who identify with the mission of the Board.

    What We Do

    • Maintain a North American  Traditional Natural Medicine Practitioners registry.
    • To promote the effective delivery of  Traditional Natural Medicine in North America.
    • Spread  Traditional Natural Medicine Philosophy by advertising: Media, Sponsorship, Wellness Expositions, Seminars, and Lectures.
    • To work in collaboration with WONM - Chancellery in the area of research.
    • To develop sponsorship and support for international relief and assistance projects in Collaboration with  Clinics for Humanity.
    • To promote the art and science of  Traditional Natural Medicine.
    • Propagation of  Traditional Natural Medicine Practices by helping and supporting the established of provincial (Canada) and state (US) Traditional  Natural Medicine Associations.


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