Certified Addictions Management Practitioner

    In North America, addiction-related illnesses and the need to address symptoms takes a heavy toll on the healthcare systems. NMCC/ONMPA recognizes the tremendous demand for qualified addictions management practitioners and to this end, practitioners have the opportunity to be certified in addictions management as a modality within the scope of natural medicine practice.

    Potential registrants must have at least 500 hours of training and clinical experience in addictions management.

    Training programs must include lifestyle management counselling, stress management techniques, nutritional counselling, hypnotherapy and biofeedback, acupuncture for addictions such as the Nada and the National acupuncture protocols, auricular therapy (tacks and seeds, magnets etc.) as well as counselling on environmental factors affecting wellbeing.

    Designation: CAMP© Certified Addictions Management Practitioner


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