Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner/certified Nature's Therapy/registered Natural Medicine Practitioner (RNP/CNP/RNMP)

    Traditional Natural Health Practitioner

    This category represents the majority of practitioner within natural medicine as all natural modalities are sub-groups of traditional natural medicine.

    Criteria for Certification

    Minimum of 2000 hours of training and experience in at least two(2) modalities in Natural Medicine including basic sciences in Anatomy and Physiology.

    Note: BNMDP-NA/NMCC reserves the right to conduct competency examination(s), or to recommend upgrading when deemed a necessary pre-condition of registration.

    Hours In Clinical Practice, Apprenticeship, Or Internship

    Traditionally, most educators went to great lengths to make sure that learners invested sufficient hours to earn their grades. While "time on task" is important, what is more important, is that a person comes away from a course with a level of skill and understanding that would help them in life, in a holistic sense. The apprenticeship system in most guilds and trades required a person to be able to perform certain skilled actions or produce items of a certain quality before being promoted. This type of pedagogic approach can be seen in the writing of Johann Amos Comenius (1592-1670); in John Milton Gregory's Seven Laws of Teaching; or in reminiscences of training by Jean Louis Rudolph Agassiz, in Scudder's In the Laboratory with Agassiz. This is to say that "hours spent does not an education make," and practical outcomes are what is important. Learning does take time, but practical, life-changing results should be the focus.

    Program hours here are to be estimated based on:

    1. The supporting document; e.g. laboratory hours recorded on certified transcripts, attestation of a clinical instructor, etc.
    2. Estimated clinical hours based on a normal work schedule; i.e., 40 hours over 48 weeks, if engaged in full-time practice. The supporting document, in this case, is a notarized copy of previous business licenses or a signed letter from the institution of employment (e.g. Hospital, Clinic, Out Patient Facility, Hospice, etc.).

    Hours Experience In The Natural Healing Arts

    The natural healing arts may take various forms, from traditional medicine to Asian medicine, to the disciplines of naturopathy, psychology, and psychiatry. The policy of the Admissions Committee is one of flexibility; thus, the Committee is open to reviewing a wide variety of experiences as a formal part of this application process. However, a certain amount and quality of experience in the natural healing arts are mandatory.

    Please download an assessment/application form, complete and mail in with certified copies and transcripts of educational documents and the required assessment fee.


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