2020 Certification Renewal

Certification renewal period is from November 1st to December 31st annually. Members must renew certification annually to validate their positions as members. Non-payment will result in non-status in the organization and your membership status being entered on the suspension list of the board's website until the renewal fee is paid in full of an additional $100.00 for administrative fees.

For your convenience you may download, complete, and the mail-in renewal form with payment of credit card or money order (No personal Cheques). Renewal may also be done by phone call: 416 756 9355.

  • You are required to attend the annual conference and professional day events to expand your knowledge and network with other members.

Professional Development Courses:

  • You are required to complete Thirty (30) hours for doctorate level Twenty (20) hours of continuing education courses which will enhance your capacity to administer an integrative medicine and traditional natural medicine-based healthcare approach to your clients.
  • You are required to provide ten (10) hours of free community healthcare services to the poor in your local community or international communities under the World Organization of Natural Medicine- Clinics for Humanity program.
  • Maintenance of professional liability insurance is required yearly to validate the certification.
  • You are required to use your designations and logos of the organization.
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