Membership Benefits

    • Recognition throughout and accreditation in the Americas (North, South and Central America)
    • Certified Natural Medicine Practitioner) in North America are recognized as meeting the standards in Natural Medicine education as established by the World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM).
    • Standardized certification with portability to affiliate with other organizations worldwide.
    • The prestige of belonging to a vanguard organization that I others composed of highly trained, qualified professionals with strong ethical principles.
    • Opportunity to participate in Clinic for Humanity programs.
    • Professional Continuing education workshops & Seminars.
    • Regional Congresses and World Symposia worldwide.
    • Internship and externship, in partnership with Clinics for Humanity programs.
    • North American Journal of Traditional and Integrative Medicine
    • Eligibility for a special group rate on malpractice insurance.
    • Eligibility for reimbursement of service fee by some insurance companies.

    Most of all, membership offers a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to know that you are helping to propagate the effective delivery of Traditional Natural Medicine & traditional health care in North America and around the world

    ​Maintenance and Growth

    • You will attend the annual conference and professional day events to expand your knowledge and network with other members.
    • You will complete forty (40) hours of continuing education courses which will enhance your capacity to administer a traditional natural health-based approach to your clients. 
    • You will provide ten (10) hours of free community healthcare services to the poor in your local community or international communities under Clinics for Humanity (TM) program.
    • Maintenance of professional liability insurance is required yearly to validate membership.
    • You are required to use your designations and logos of the organization on your business cards, websites and other advertising materials to bring more awareness to the public on traditional natural health.


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    United States

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