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Preservation and effective delivery of traditional natural health healing systems and maintaining standards.

Naturally Trained, Naturally Focused and Naturally Nature's Practitioners.

What Is Health?

According to the World Health Organization, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

What is Traditional Natural (Nature's) Medicine?

Natural (Nature’s) Medicine’s basic premise is that ill health is fundamentally a functional imbalance or disequilibrium within the body. What is labeled as “ disease “ is nothing more than a plethora of symptoms produced by the body’s attempt to re-establish homeostasis.

Traditional Natural (Nature’s) Medicine Practitioners are healthcare professionals who are educated and experienced in the use of safe, gentle non-invasive eclectic healing techniques geared at enhancing the body’s innate healing ability which is responsible for re-establishing and maintaining optimum health.

A traditional Natural (Nature’s) Medicine Practitioner is one who practices (teaches) a preventive healing system in which an eclectic mix of natural modalities and techniques are used, including but not limited to nutritional and dietary counseling, botanical/herbal remedies, natural environmental force, manual techniques, remedial exercises, counseling client on self-care, hydro-therapies in all forms and use of mineral and plant extracts. The focus is to bring harmony to the body.

Who can become a Member?

Membership is open to individuals with doctorate and practitioners’ level of education in traditional natural medicine, as well as other healthcare disciplines with additional education in natural medicine. What unifies our members are their dedication to traditional natural medicine. While the practice of some members is enhanced by the possession of other medical degrees, they all have a strong commitment to the philosophy, arts, and science of traditional natural medicine healing systems.

NMCC/BNMDP-NA subscribes to high standards of integrity, ethical practice, and the advancement of the profession of Traditional Natural Medicine in North America, and seeks collaborations and partnerships with organizations with similar mandates.

Certification Criteria

Certifications under NMCC/BNMDP-NA are not equivalent to academic degrees. Potential registrants must provide supporting evidence of educational level as a clinician with a doctorate or post-secondary diploma in traditional natural health healing arts and be successful in natural medicine competency examinations in order to be registered.

BNMDP-NA (USA) is a United States organization which operates in collaboration with its sister organization NMCC (Canada). The organizations function as certifying organizations for Traditional Natural Health Practitioners.

​NMCC (Canada) is a Canadian organization, which operates in collaboration with its sister organization BNMDP-NA (USA). The organizations function as certifying organizations for Traditional Natural Health Practitioners.

Notice: Modern Naturopathic Medicine Vs Traditional Natural Medicine.

Natural Medicine is a generic term which refers to all practitioners who do not engage in diagnosis, disease prognosis, disease treatment, prescribing drugs and surgery. The basic premise of natural medicine is that ill health is nothing more than imbalance or disequilibrium. The expression of symptoms is the body’s attempt to re-establish balance. Traditional Natural Medicine practitioners main emphasis is on guiding their clients to wellness. Naturopathic Medicine is one subset of the generic term “Natural Medicine”. Members of this organization are traditional Natural Medicine Practitioner within the definition of the general generic term Natural Medicine.

Practitioners using the designation “DNM” have attained a doctorate (Ph. D) level of education in natural medicine, they are not Naturopaths “ND”

Criteria for membership are listed here on this website.

Notice: The Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners-North America (EBNMP-NA) and the Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners (BNMDP) are registered as a USA non-profit organizations. The Canadian arm is Canadian federally chartered non-profit organization, as the Natural Medicine Certification Council (NMCC). We are not affiliated or associated with any organization using the acronym “EBNMP”.


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